Day three: dinner…

I definitely noticed I was far more hungry today, but I think a large part of that came from the fact that I was on my feet and moving around a lot more than usual because of my job. On any other day, I’d probably burn far fewer calories as I’m lazy as hell.

This is so the type of mother I'll be...

The other issue is that on days when I’m more “active”, I normally just consume more food, but I can’t this week. By the way, “more active” to me means walking 2 blocks to the corner store instead of driving or standing more than 10 times in a day.

So what am I trying to say here? Basically, I’m out of money. And I’m still hungry.

Where's mah moneys?


Since I knew I had to attend a work event tonight, I made a sandwich yesterday to take with me. I resorted to the ole PB and J. Heavy on the PB, light on the J.

I call it "Heavy P and the Tiny J's".

It was THE most expensive thing I’ve made all week. But by god, it was delicious.

PB and J for the win!

To try and spread it out I ate half of it before the work event (5pmish) and the other half after (8pmish). Which would normally have been fine but the extra calories burned from standing for over an hour did me in.

By 10pm I was famished and desperately trying to find out if I had ANY budget left for more food. I worked out that I had 24 cents remaining. Enough for 2 hot dogs.

Two awesome hot dogs.

I never thought hot dogs could taste so good but when you’re that hungry, they do.

Of course, now they’re long gone and I’m starting to feel very hungry again.

Before I forget…tonight’s work event (by the way) was a dinner. A free dinner. And I turned it down because of this challenge. It’s against the rules to take free food – you have to factor in the cost to your daily budget.

And there’s no way my budget would include a fancy schmacy dinner.

Fancy tables equal fancy food

Yeah, that’s right. I turned down a delicious salmon dinner (free) to eat PB and J, and 2 hot dogs. The frustration is almost too much.

But lo and behold, I managed to find the strength to leave. Here I am walking to my car, head held high…in hunger.

Do I look hungry? Because I am.

The breakdown of tonight’s meal is as follows:

2 tbsp of Kraft creamy peanut butter – 14 cents (7 cents a tbsp)
2 slices of bred – 28 cents
1 tbsp double the fruit strawberry jam – 15 cents
TOTAL for this meal alone = 57 cents.

TOTAL so far = $1.26, leaving me with 24 cents.

But don’t forget those pesky little HOT DOGS – 17 cents for both, making my daily total $1.44.

Leaving me with just 6 cents.


About stillwatters

I am a photographer. I am a woman. I am a graduate student. I am a full-time writer and researcher. I am disabled. I am in love. I am happy.
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