Day three: lunch…

First, I’d like to begin this entry by saying how much I miss choices.

No choices, no chance.

The choice to eat whenever I want, whatever I want, however I want is simply non-existent. I no longer have the freedom to go out and buy anything I crave. If I’m in a cafe, I can’t buy anything. The lack of freedom, the lack of choice, is beyond frustrating.


I understand that my situation is a choice and, were I a weaker person, I could buy anything I wanted regardless of this challenge. But I just keep thinking of the people living in extreme poverty around the world, who literally have NO OPTIONS.

Also, I don’t think people realize how many people, even in Fredericton, are house poor. They have enough money to pay for a home or apartment, but nothing more. These are some of the people living on $1.50 a day. And, let me tell you, it sucks. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.


Lunch was a repeat of yesterday. Leftovers are a budget’s best friend.

Leftovers fit for a king.

And in case you don’t believe I’m eating this stuff…


By the way, this meal cost me the same as yesterday, 50 cents. That makes 69 cents total so far today.


About stillwatters

I am a photographer. I am a woman. I am a graduate student. I am a full-time writer and researcher. I am disabled. I am in love. I am happy.
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