Day four: lunch…

Good ole lunch. The 2nd most important meal of the day…ya know, behind supper.

That’s right, I snubbed breakfast. Howduya like me now?

Screw you breakfast!

Today I had PB and J.

Yes, again.

I swear, the word “again” must be one of the most common words in this blog.

Again, again, again, again….over and over and over.

I have a distinct feeling of deja vu.

But, because I was moving around so much doing today, and expelling so much of my precious PRECIOUS energy, I was always hungry. I don’t know if it would have been so bad if I could have continued to be my usual lazy-ass self.

Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!

I tried to spread the sandwich out so I wouldn’t get too hungry before I left work for the day. I had 1/2 the sandwich at 10:30am and the other 1/2 at 2pm, but it didn’t work.

At this point, even when I do eat I’m hungry again within an hour because it’s just not enough intake. Your body is always trying to play catch up but it can’t because you just don’t have enough food. So you’re always in the red and you can’t seem to make up for day after day of such limited food.

I spent almost the entire day feeling hungry, with moments of intense hunger and a few brief periods of feeling semi-full. It was pretty bad. I can’t imagine what it’s like to feel this way all the time.

Actually, yes I can.

It blows.

The Breakdown:

With my lunch (which was 50 cents – I only used 1 tbsp PB this time) and my breakfast (which was 19 cents), I’m at $0.69 so far.

Leaving me with 81 cents left. I’m practically rolling in it.

FYI: Don’t type the word “starvation” into google image search unless you want to cry. It’s painful to see those images.


About stillwatters

I am a photographer. I am a woman. I am a graduate student. I am a full-time writer and researcher. I am disabled. I am in love. I am happy.
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