Day five: breakfast…

I am beyond exhausted today.

I know how you feel little buddy.

Ttired, sleepy and drained.

If only it weren't inappropriate to do this at work...

On Wednesday, when I first starting getting a bit tired/rundown, I assumed it was the result of disturbances in my sleeping pattern but now I think it’s because of such a drastic change in my diet.

I’m a carnavore. Always have been, always will be. My favourite food is bacon, wrapped in bacon, topped with bacon.

It really does.

I usually eat a smorgasbord of meat on a daily basis, but this week that was too expensive for me. So I’ve more or less switched to a vegetarian diet, without the veggies.

I wanna be friends with whoever took this photo.

And, of course, without the proper nutrients to keep you going (and upbeat) you start to feel rundown. Maybe even depressed or angry.

If I had to continue this, if it wasn’t a choice, I think my days would be filled with a lot of anger and frustration. I’d be angry about not having any choice in the matter, angry about being hungry all the time, angry about not having the money to buy the things I want to eat, angry about how much life costs, and especially angry at everyone who had money.

I wouldn’t care if they earned it…it’d be frustrating to see people walking around with the ability to buy whatever they wanted when I couldn’t.

Now there's a woman with anger problems...


Once again, I had a black coffee with 1 tsp of sugar. That’s 19 cents of my day gone.

I’m very glad there’s only 14 hours of this challenge remaining. I think, when it’s all done, I’m going to get involved in some local organizations.

There’s a Community Kitchen in Fredericton, which is actually a soup kitchen but that’s still an immensely useful service that helps a lot of people. It’s too bad there’s no community kitchen here to allow people to cook for themselves (an idea I mentioned in one of my earlier posts) but a soup kitchen is a start, especially for a smaller town like Fredericton.

I also found websites for the Fredericton Homeless Shelter and the Fredericton Food Bank.


About stillwatters

I am a photographer. I am a woman. I am a graduate student. I am a full-time writer and researcher. I am disabled. I am in love. I am happy.
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