Recently, I came upon a campaign called Live Below the Line! organized by The Global Poverty Project.

The lowdown: For 5 days (May 16-20) I cannot eat more than $1.50 worth of food for the entire day. Nor can I mooch food from others to compensate for such a drastic reduction in my daily food allowance. [The amount of $1.50 comes from the World Bank standard of the *absolute* minimum a person could survive on.]

The why #1: Through sponsors, I’ll be raising money for CARE, a non-profit organization who provide health services for 30 million women in Africa, Asia and Latin America before, during and after pregnancy.

The why #2: I spend upwards of $20 a day on food – not counting eating out – and I want to know if I can do this.

What YOU can do: Sponsor me. It’s that simple.

How to sponsor me: Go to my fundraising page, or, contact me privately to make alternative arrangements.


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  1. That’s awesome Rachel! Good for you. I bet you couldn’t afford bacon. hehehe but seriously it’s for a really good cause and that’s awesome!

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