Day four: lunch…

Good ole lunch. The 2nd most important meal of the day…ya know, behind supper.

That’s right, I snubbed breakfast. Howduya like me now?

Screw you breakfast!

Today I had PB and J.

Yes, again.

I swear, the word “again” must be one of the most common words in this blog.

Again, again, again, again….over and over and over.

I have a distinct feeling of deja vu.

But, because I was moving around so much doing today, and expelling so much of my precious PRECIOUS energy, I was always hungry. I don’t know if it would have been so bad if I could have continued to be my usual lazy-ass self.

Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!

I tried to spread the sandwich out so I wouldn’t get too hungry before I left work for the day. I had 1/2 the sandwich at 10:30am and the other 1/2 at 2pm, but it didn’t work.

At this point, even when I do eat I’m hungry again within an hour because it’s just not enough intake. Your body is always trying to play catch up but it can’t because you just don’t have enough food. So you’re always in the red and you can’t seem to make up for day after day of such limited food.

I spent almost the entire day feeling hungry, with moments of intense hunger and a few brief periods of feeling semi-full. It was pretty bad. I can’t imagine what it’s like to feel this way all the time.

Actually, yes I can.

It blows.

The Breakdown:

With my lunch (which was 50 cents – I only used 1 tbsp PB this time) and my breakfast (which was 19 cents), I’m at $0.69 so far.

Leaving me with 81 cents left. I’m practically rolling in it.

FYI: Don’t type the word “starvation” into google image search unless you want to cry. It’s painful to see those images.

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Day four: breakfast…

This morning, on day four of my five day challenge to experience life on $1.50 a day (for food and beverages), I awoke feeling just generally crappy. I feel run down, drained and lethargic. I also felt a little sick, like I might be coming down with a cold.

Or maybe my body is just not consuming enough nutrients so I’m getting a little rundown?

Stupid nutrition...

All I can say is, I can’t wait for midnight at Friday so I can more than $1.50 worth of food again. It’s so much work to live like that and it’s always on my mind. I never don’t think about what I can eat and what I can’t. It’s all-consuming.

Lionel and I are kindred spirits.

I mean, at the dinner event last night I couldn’t even have the water being served because it was bottled water and that’s too pricey. That’s right, WATER is unaffordable. What kind of world do we live in that WATER costs too much?

People will buy anything with diamonds on it.

I actually took an empty glass and filled it at the water fountain in the hall. In my fancy dress and pearls, people must have thought I was stoned, or stupid.

I heart those glasses!

I’m only four days in but as far as I’m concerned, anybody who lives on $1.50 a day (whether by choice or not) has my respect, my sympathy and my admiration.


Once again I had coffee (1 cup) with 1 tsp of loose sugar. That’s 19 cents down the drain, or rather down my throat.

But, because of another work event, I couldn’t have my “meal” til 10:30am. I was also on my feet the whole time, burning oodles more calories than normal.


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Day three: dinner…

I definitely noticed I was far more hungry today, but I think a large part of that came from the fact that I was on my feet and moving around a lot more than usual because of my job. On any other day, I’d probably burn far fewer calories as I’m lazy as hell.

This is so the type of mother I'll be...

The other issue is that on days when I’m more “active”, I normally just consume more food, but I can’t this week. By the way, “more active” to me means walking 2 blocks to the corner store instead of driving or standing more than 10 times in a day.

So what am I trying to say here? Basically, I’m out of money. And I’m still hungry.

Where's mah moneys?


Since I knew I had to attend a work event tonight, I made a sandwich yesterday to take with me. I resorted to the ole PB and J. Heavy on the PB, light on the J.

I call it "Heavy P and the Tiny J's".

It was THE most expensive thing I’ve made all week. But by god, it was delicious.

PB and J for the win!

To try and spread it out I ate half of it before the work event (5pmish) and the other half after (8pmish). Which would normally have been fine but the extra calories burned from standing for over an hour did me in.

By 10pm I was famished and desperately trying to find out if I had ANY budget left for more food. I worked out that I had 24 cents remaining. Enough for 2 hot dogs.

Two awesome hot dogs.

I never thought hot dogs could taste so good but when you’re that hungry, they do.

Of course, now they’re long gone and I’m starting to feel very hungry again.

Before I forget…tonight’s work event (by the way) was a dinner. A free dinner. And I turned it down because of this challenge. It’s against the rules to take free food – you have to factor in the cost to your daily budget.

And there’s no way my budget would include a fancy schmacy dinner.

Fancy tables equal fancy food

Yeah, that’s right. I turned down a delicious salmon dinner (free) to eat PB and J, and 2 hot dogs. The frustration is almost too much.

But lo and behold, I managed to find the strength to leave. Here I am walking to my car, head held high…in hunger.

Do I look hungry? Because I am.

The breakdown of tonight’s meal is as follows:

2 tbsp of Kraft creamy peanut butter – 14 cents (7 cents a tbsp)
2 slices of bred – 28 cents
1 tbsp double the fruit strawberry jam – 15 cents
TOTAL for this meal alone = 57 cents.

TOTAL so far = $1.26, leaving me with 24 cents.

But don’t forget those pesky little HOT DOGS – 17 cents for both, making my daily total $1.44.

Leaving me with just 6 cents.

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Day three: lunch…

First, I’d like to begin this entry by saying how much I miss choices.

No choices, no chance.

The choice to eat whenever I want, whatever I want, however I want is simply non-existent. I no longer have the freedom to go out and buy anything I crave. If I’m in a cafe, I can’t buy anything. The lack of freedom, the lack of choice, is beyond frustrating.


I understand that my situation is a choice and, were I a weaker person, I could buy anything I wanted regardless of this challenge. But I just keep thinking of the people living in extreme poverty around the world, who literally have NO OPTIONS.

Also, I don’t think people realize how many people, even in Fredericton, are house poor. They have enough money to pay for a home or apartment, but nothing more. These are some of the people living on $1.50 a day. And, let me tell you, it sucks. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.


Lunch was a repeat of yesterday. Leftovers are a budget’s best friend.

Leftovers fit for a king.

And in case you don’t believe I’m eating this stuff…


By the way, this meal cost me the same as yesterday, 50 cents. That makes 69 cents total so far today.

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Day three: breakfast…

I woke up this morning starving. I couldn’t wait to get to work and have my coffee so the tummy rumbles would stop.

A question for the ages...

Thankfully, I am no longer suffering from any stomach upset, so the hunger was tolerable. Sort of. But not really.

I have concluded that it was definitely the flavouring in Mr. Noodles that was the culprit. It’s probably laced with arsenic or something.

A good motto overall, really.


For breakfast today I had a black coffee with 1 tsp of sugar. Again.

Why, hello Mr. Coffee

Reptition, thy name is “Rachel’s Breakfast”. Rolls of the tongue, don’t it?

The plus of being forced to drink coffee like this is that, at this point, I’m actually pretty used to the taste. My tongue does not go fuzzy anymore (or at least it didn’t today or yesterday).

I'd like a rainbow tongue though.

BUT, as soon as humanly possible (i.e. Saturday), I will go right back to adding milk.

No, I don't.

I’m simply not a fan of water. I find it bland, and would much prefer milk or juice. So being forced to drink water is not fun.

So anyways, another 19 cents down the tubes…leaving $1.31 left for the day.

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Day two: dinner…

Temptation, thy name is Second Cup.

Be gone, temptress!

This afternoon, I got a text from a friend wanting to go for coffee after work.

On the one hand, I’m never one to refuse a good time (especially now that I have a car). On the other hand, I’d be in a store full of “expensive” desserts and coffees that I couldn’t afford.

I knew if I went I wouldn’t be able to drink anything other than water or I’d blow my teeny weeny budget up into the stratosphere.

So what’s a girl to do?

To go or not to go?

I went.

However, I was ill prepared for how hard it would be to see all those sweet treats and smell that delicious coffee and not order anything. I really didn’t think I’d miss that stuff so much after only 2 days.

Actually, you know what? I don’t miss those specific things…I miss the freedom to buy them. It just plain sucks that I couldn’t buy anything.

But I held strong. Even though my friend got this:

It was vanilla-bean-something-awesome.

I stuck to my guns.

Oh yay...water

Following this I booked it home for dinner.


I’ve noticed that because of the reduced portions I’m consuming right now I get extremely hungry by the time each meal rolls around. So if I’m even a little late (like taking the time to stop for “coffee”), I’m absolutely famished.

Anyways, I made it home and took the advice of “Totally Awesome Guy” (who I know in real life) and cooked the noodles, without the flavouring.

Mmmm, noodley.

Then I added a 1/2 tsp of chicken bouillon (1/3 the sodium of Mr. Noodles, FYI).

After some calculations I realized I could include a clove of garlic. So I sauteed it in a little water so I wouldn’t have to spend the money on oil again.

No vampires in my bedroom tonight.

Then I decided to also cook 2 hot dogs in the oven. They were so much better cooked this way – nice and crispy.

How very phallic...

At the end, I put it all together. I even added a little artistic flair with the placement of the hot dogs. I could be a professional chef.

Presentation is everything.

This dinner was so much better than yesterday. It makes a huge difference how you cook the food.

In total, for dinner I had 1 package of Mr. Noodles (21 cents), 1/2 tsp of chicken bouillon (4 cents), 1/4 tsp of olive oil (2 cents), 2 hot dogs (17 cents), and 1 clove of garlic (3 cents).

My total for supper was: 47 cents.

My total for today was: $1.16 (leaving me with have 34 cents)


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Day two: lunch…

This post will be fairly brief as my lunch was pretty unexciting. And I mean that literally.

Remember that 1/2 package of pasta I cooked last night? And how I divided it between supper and a tupperware container?

Is it a trip down memory lane if it's only been 1 day?

Well, today I brought the tupperware container to work.

Flavourless pasta! YAY!

This is only 1/4 of the entire package of pasta. But it still seemed like a LOT, so I cut it in half.

Considering my track record with clumsiness, I should NOT be wielding a knife unsupervised.

But all was successful in the end.

It's like I separated conjoined pasta twins.

Then I grabbed some no name tuna (which was on sale, no less).

I'm livin' the high life now!

And I cut that in half as well.

Again with the unsupervised knife wielding...

Turns out cutting tuna is harder than you’d expect. It’s lumpy and it kept resisting my attempts to sever it in twain.

But it was fighting a losing battle. So in twain it was cut!

Then it was all mixed together for deliciousness.

You've been twain'd.

But being on such a tight budget, I saved the other half in a tupperware container for tomorrow’s lunch.

Now that's thinking ahead.

Although, it has to be noted that this can of tuna was on sale for 78 cents at the Atlantic Superstore so it was within my budget. But regularly, it’s almost $1 (if not closer to $1.30). Out of reach of someone living in extreme poverty.

Budget wise, since I ate 1/8 of the pasta it only cost 11 cents but the half can of tuna was an extravagant purchase at 39 cents. It’s the most expensive thing I’ve eaten so far.

That’s right, tuna has been my costliest item. No Name flaked tuna.

Great Ceasar's Ghost!

In summary, my costs so far today equal 69 cents, which leaves me with $0.81 for supper.

My options are very limited tonight.

But I don’t care because I managed to avoid Mr. Noodles today!

Happy face

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